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Archives of the Balkan Medical Union

The Journal “Archives of the Balkan Medical Union” (ISSN:0041-6940) is a quarterly medical publication, edited by the Celsius Publishing House,the official journal of the Balkan Medical Union – constituent part of the Mediterranean Medical Entente, founded in 1981, both organisms having the general secretariate headquarters in Bucharest

Since its foundation, in 1932, the Balkan Medical Union has been studying the morbidity problems of the region and the prevention and treatment of the peculiar diseases of the Balkan countries,it has been playing a great part in the strengthening of relationships between scientists of diversed specialties and the medical science development in the service of the humanity.

The declared goal of the journal is to offer an academic scientific framework to the publication of original papers and of important contributions of any medical field, the interest spectrum outlining both the clinical and the basic research aspects, but also to the scientific activity reflection expressed in the organization of conferences, symposia and international congresses.

The Journal applies to a target public formed of physicians, university professors, pharmacists, individual medical practitioners and to those who through their professions or proccupations are related to the medical field.

The language of the publication is the English considered by the editors as the language of the international scientific community, being compulsory in order to ensure it a spread as large as possible worldwide.Though the journal belongs to an organization having the French language as offical language , it has a large international spreading due to exchanges with other publications, both languages being accepted for publication.

The editorial board of the journal includes medical personalities of the Balkan countries and of the western European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Germany).

The journal “Archives of the Balkan Medical Union” does not represent the scientific forum of a single medical specialty, but it applies to physicians of the most diversed specialities wishing to expose their ideas or the results of their studies.During the last year ,physicians of a large palette of specialties- dermatology, cardiology, paediatrics, surgery, urology, orthopaedics, endocrinology, biochemistry, medical imaging, obstetrics-gynaecology,published in the Journal, the index of authors getting to 108 names.

Frequency : the Journal is regularly published in 4 issues yearly.

University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", Clinical Emergency Hospital of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Co Editor-in-chief:
Pr Dr Irinel Popescu

The Journal is structured into several chapters: Original papers, Reviews, Case Presentations, History of Medicine, etc.

Citations: Since 2003 the Journal “Archives of the Balkan Medical Union” has been cited in the international databases EMBASE/Excerpta Medica and Chemical Abstracts.Since 2008, it has been cited in SCOPUS.